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Nominated Director for Health and Safety of the Year:

Recognised and voted for by the Glass Industry at their annual health and safety conference for safety excellence, for achieving outstanding company improvement and performance in the field of health and safety, using in house safety assessments, targeted risk based projects and implementing proactive key performance indicators to measure positive improvement.

Conference on Health and Safety:

Recognised as a regular key note speaker on safety excellence at British Glass Confederation’s annual conference on health and safety. Presenting papers on “Successful Behavioural Safety Intervention Programs” delivering a 50% reduction in incidents and injuries in 18 months, and Safety Observations the key steps” Generates a 1 to 1 non-confrontational discussion on safety and the importance of developing true safe behaviours.

Safety Leadership:

Recognition by the Glass industry for his outstanding contribution and support to individual companies and the trade confederation in the field of safety.  Through the development and support for the industries revitalisation of health and safety via the Glass Charter Initiative.

JOMC Partnership Award:

Accepted award on behalf of himself and Pilkington Glass for the JOMC Partnership Award for the companies outstanding achievement in behavioural safety culture change. Recognised as an individual for his substantial contribution in the advancement in the field of behavioural safety culture change in the development of safe and key safe behaviour’s.

Safety Excellence:

Personally recognition by the Glass industry and his peers for his outstanding contribution and support to companies in achieving safety excellence and inspiration to improving the industry sectors safety performance. Seen as an industry expert in safety.

Best Health Initiative:

Recognition by his peers and the Glass industry for work in Occupation Health through the “Life Style Challenge”, developing  a E-learning program and for helping to support employee’s wellbeing at work and at home and making this available to the whole glass industry.